Whoa!!! We're gonna be toasty warm this winter!!

Four cord delivered!!

Thank you Denise for recommending JAC's Firewood in Turner. What a great guy!!

Roasty Toasty!!

John A. Clairmont


You can buy your firewood from any Tom, Dick or Harry.....we don't do firewood part-time, this is our life...you'll see and feel the difference.  Our firewood is cleaner.  Most of the debris is gone.  Check us out.

Contact JAC's - today and start "livin' the dream" John's favorite saying.  Call us at 207-754-3381 or call the office at 207-224-8189.

The Best of Professionals

What is a cord of wood? Educate yourself on the difference between different measures of wood - loose cords; stacked cords; face cords; etc.


Diane R. Clairmont

"jac" of all trades

We are conveniently located at

2279 Auburn Road, Turner, Maine. 

OFFICE: 207-224-8189 We are open Monday thru Friday 7 am - 3 pm.  It's always best to call ahead.

To heck with OPEC - burn JAC's Firewood.  Oil prices may be down today, however there is nothing like a warm, wood fire on those cool, chilly nights.  

Jac's firewood