Whoa!!! We're gonna be toasty warm this winter!!

Four cord delivered!!

Thank you Denise for recommending JAC's Firewood in Turner. What a great guy!!

Roasty Toasty!!

The Best of Professionals

Now Hiring:  Are you a hard working, dependable and willing to do what it takes to get the job done type of person?  Then we want you to apply to work with us. 

Complete this application and email to us at clairmont@megalink.net or simply drop in the mail to JAC's Firewood, 40 Mason Road, Turner, ME 04282.

We are conveniently located at

2279 Auburn Road, Turner, Maine. 

To heck with OPEC - burn JAC's Firewood.  Oil prices may be down today, however there is nothing like a warm, wood fire on those cool, chilly nights.  

John A. Clairmont


You can buy your firewood from any Tom, Dick or Harry.....we don't do firewood part-time, this is our life...you'll see and feel the difference.  Our firewood is cleaner.  Most of the debris is gone.  Check us out.

Contact JAC's - today and start "livin' the dream" John's favorite saying.  Call us at 207-754-3381 or call the office at 207-224-8189.

Jac's firewood

OFFICE: 207-224-8189 We are open Monday thru Friday 7 am - 3 pm.  It's always best to call ahead.

Kellie & Scott

Diane R. Clairmont

"jac" of all trades


What is a cord of wood? Educate yourself on the difference between different measures of wood - loose cords; stacked cords; face cords; etc.